29 JUNE 2018 
The SCR system uses diesel oil as reductant offering more than 80% NOx reduction. The oil injected is converted to heat, leaving 50% more heat for recovery.
According to ADNOX, by using the SCR system, there is no need for storage tanks for the reductant, nor extra overall costs of reductant. In addition, waste heat can be recovered for production or electricity while the system is said to provide a significant reduction of weight and space saving, leaving more cargo space.
‘The ADNOX SCR system uses approximately 7% of the total oil consumption, an amount equivalent to 14 L/MWh. The oil injected is cracked on the multi functioning catalyst and takes part in the NOx reduction (NOx -> N2 and H2O) which produces heat, increasing the exhaust temperature at reactor outlet,’ explained ADNOX.
‘The increased exhaust temperature means an exhaust-boiler, can be installed after the Reactor and high-quality steam can be produced and used for production of water or electricity. In the case of an exhaust-boiler present, an electricity amount in kW corresponding to 7% of the shaft power output can be produced. I.e. more than 80 % NOx reduction can be achieved, at no extra overall cost of reductant,’ ADNOX added.
The ADNOX SCR system is patented and has achieved an Approval in Principle (AiP) from DNV-GL, confirming no risk of explosion. According to the company, the SCR system is fit for both retrofit and newbuilding application.

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