UK imposes £25,000 fine to Captain of oil tanker for safety failures
The Captain of a Russian oil tanker was fined a total of £25761.99 at Hull Magistrates Court on 14 June, after breaching the International Safety Management (ISM) Code. The prosecution was brought by the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA).
15 june 2018
Vitaliy Trofimov, Captain of the Russian registered 85m long tanker 'Tecoil Polaris' pleaded guilty to non-compliance of safety requirements which placed the vessel - which was going to be loaded with 1,665 tonnes of lubrication oil - at risk. The Captain was fined £1400 and ordered to pay £24361.99 in costs.
The vessel arrived at Humber Port on the evening of Tuesday 5 June 2018, from Hamina, Finland. Humber Port Authority reported concerns regarding the master and crew’s competency as the vessel berthed at Immingham Docks, Humber.
MCA Inspectors inspected the vessel on 6 June 2018, founding many deficiencies in navigation and safety equipment, along with significant non-compliance with the ISM Code. These included
·         Incorrect navigation charts or voyage plan;
·         Incorrect stability calculations;
·         Navigation equipment not working;
·         Defects with lifesaving equipment.
As a result, the vessel was detained and its safety certificate got cancelled. Upon investigation and questioning by the MCA’s Investigation & Enforcement Unit, Captain Trofimov admitted the deficiencies.

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