-Free-fall lifeboats on load release systems and rescue boats on load release gear are subject to annual and 5 yearly inspection and tests by the manufacturer or person agreed by properly trained personnel;however,according to MSC Circ 1206, properly trained personnel means the manufacturer's representative or a person appropriately trained and certified by the manufacturer for the work to be done.A report of the test shall be made available to the Surveyor by the party performing the test. The overload tests in five year intervals shall be done in the presence of the Society's surveyor.

-Liferafts provided for easy side-to side transfer shall have a mass of less than 185 kg

- The training manual shall be written in the working language of the ship

-The general emergency alarm system shall be audible throughout all the accommodation and normal crew working spaces. On passenger ships, the system shall also be audible on all open decks.

-New condition for accepting a lifeboat as a rescue boat (its launching and recovery arrangements shall also comply with the requirements for a rescue boat).MSC216(82)

-Rescue boats shall be stowed in a fully inflated condition at all times if of the inflated type.


Date of entry:1 July 2008

The area where the remotely located survival craft, required by regulation 31.1.4 of SOLAS III, are stowed should be provided with embarkation ladder or other means of embarkation enabling descent to the water in a controlled manner in accordance with 11.7 of SOLAS III according to the interpretation circulated in IMO circular MSC.1/Circ. 1243.
Regarding this, a knotted rope is not acceptable as "other means of embarkation".

Above requirements should be applied to all cargo ships regardless of date of construction.
And the compliance with this regulation is confirmed at the next annual survey after 1 October 2008 in respect of the Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate.


To ensure the maintenance of adequate strength and watertightness of seams and closures of immersion suits and anti-exposure suits with age, each suit should be subjected to an air pressure test at intervals not exceeding three years, or more frequently for suits over ten years of age in accordance with the guidelines set out in IMO Circular MSC/Circ.1114 dated 25 May 2004 as part of the maintenance required to be carried out by SOLAS Reg III/20.3.1

Amendments to SOLAS Chapter III - Life-saving appliances and arrangements

In Regulation 7 - Personal life-saving appliances, the amendments add a new requirement for infant lifejackets. For passenger ships on voyages of less than 24 hours, a number of infant lifejackets equal to at least 2.5% of the number of passengers on board is to be provided; and for passenger ships on voyages of 24 hours or greater, infant lifejackets are to be provided for each infant on board. A further amendment relates to the provision of lifejackets for larger passengers and states that, if the adult lifejackets provided are not designed to fit persons with a chest girth of up to 1,750 mm, a sufficient number of suitable accessories are to be available on board to allow them to be secured to such persons.

Date of entry:1 july 2010


Amendments to the International Life-Saving Appliance Code (LSA Code)
The amendments include the requirement that all life saving appliances should withstand in stowage an air temperature range of 30°C to +65°C and personal life-saving appliances should remain operational throughout an air temperature range of -15°C to +40°C. The colour of life-saving appliances is now specified to be "of international or vivid reddish orange, or a comparably highly visible colour on all parts where this will assist detection at sea". The existing section 2.2 on General requirements for lifejackets is revised and replaced. Further amendments relate to specifications for immersion suits and anti-exposure suits.



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